1/25/2017 - Late Winter Wonderings

Great news! Shapiro Brothers self-titled EP made 90.9 The Bridge's Best of #kcmusic 2016 EPs. Many thanks to musician and music editor Michelle Bacon for the pick. Michelle is a tour de force in KC and it's nice to know she's also a fan.

Is it Spring yet? Kansas City is already warming up and the grass is greening. Although, we've seen some snow and a few cold, winter days, it's been a strange season of ice and tornadoes and blooming irises.

What's next: Shapiro Brothers are ready to emerge from the darkness of hibernation and greet the new year with new songs and a renewed passion for the road. While Chad is busy booking an April tour into the upper Midwest, Mikal is working on a summer visit to France to connect with our dear songwriter friend Louise Thiolon. This February, we will attend the Folk Alliance International Conference for the fourth year in a row. The theme this round is Forbidden Folk: Activism in Art. It should be a rabble rousing good time and provoke some great dialogues about the role of music in social movements, historically and into the present. Shapiro Brothers will play a private FAI showcase and Mikal's South American Family Band Ayllu will hit the stage at the Kansas City Folk Fest the following Sunday, February 19th.

Music by and for the People! 2017, here we come!