12/3/2016 - Shapiro Brothers Winter Writing + Hibernation

Oh, the places we've gone! This year has been a flurry of touring, making new fans and releasing our very own recording. To everyone we've met on the road, to all those who've cheered us on from home, to our friends new and old and to our awesome, loving families: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! If you would like us to send you a copy of the new album and/or you're shopping for musical gifts, you can purchase our EP here. You can also download it digitally here.

As we move into the darkest, coldest days of the year, we wish you warmth and good cheer. We brought all our plants in last week and already, they are stretching toward the window. The garlic is in the ground. Green sprouts have emerged between the on-going mine fields of black walnuts planted by the squirrels. The garden, in every season, is a give and take. It requires our diligence and care. So too, does our music. We will be spending our winter months writing, composing and tending some of our other projects due for recording early next year: Mikal with her full band and Chad with his acoustic trio Old Sound. We have also begun the booking process for next Spring. If you know of any Midwest house concert opportunities or would like to host us in your living room, we're all ears! House concerts are our favorite rooms to play and they will be a big focus for booking in the new year. If you'd like to catch us one more time this year, our last 2016 gig is at The Cinder Block Brewing Company in North Kansas City on Saturday, December 10th. Maybe we can share a couple brews before slipping away into our cozy caves.

Snow is predicted for Wednesday. We are ready for the tidings it brings. Happy Holidays! See you next thaw!